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I recently did the decorations for my dear friends Dan and Erin’s wedding. I wasn’t able to take many day-of photos (too busy scurrying around), but I do have a few pre-wedding photos of a few different elements at my house.

Their colors were yellow and green, and core to Dan and Erin is a commitment to living simply and giving away what they have to others, along with an organic, happy, whimsical touch. We worked together to honor their commitments and put something together that would create a happy, festive environment with touches of simplistic, homeade decor. This meant a lot of fabric (1/2 off at JoAnne’s fabrics), yarn, burlap, butcher paper, tissue paper, ball jars, and inexpensive potted plants. A group of 10-20 of Dan and Erin’s committed and amazing friends came early to the wedding and in about two hours we got the majority of the decor set up. It was a fabulous experience and one where I learned a lot about what I enjoy and where I want to continue learning as I create for these types of events. I L-O-V-E doing this. love. The best part is that I got to do what I love for people I love!